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Year Two Goals

I just delivered the last project that I had in my backlog! Every order is out. Every film is complete. And there is nothing left in my project queue. It’s the best feeling, and I don’t think I’ve been this caught up since a year ago when I started.

My favorite part of having everything in the business finished is that now I get to step back and work on the business for a while. The majority of August is going to be spent working on passion projects, taking classes to improve my skills, and deciding which direction I want to go with the business in year two.

My mission statement is to get people to make more home movies, capture family stories, and spend quality time together.

In year two, I want to:

1. Shoot more films and fewer photos

2. Teach people how to collect clips with their phones

3. Invest in better shooting gear as the business grows

4. Continue to delegate photo editing and client management so I can focus on shooting and editing films

5. Take classes so I can become 100% better at both shooting and editing by year three

6. Maybe the most important goal – and feel free to help make suggestions if you know anyone 😊 – become friends with other photographers and filmmakers

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