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The Year I Quit Social Media

I stayed off social media and Netflix/other streaming apps for almost a year one time, and that year still is my favorite year of life so far.

I exercised more, went hiking to see waterfalls, met my husband, learned carpentry, read good books, and made so many good memories with family and friends.

Here’s the system I used:

1. I had a list of about eight people that I wanted to make sure I kept up with, so I spent five minutes each Sunday night looking at their profiles and commenting on them.

2. I had another list of best friends that I kept up with through USPS “social media” updates. Once every couple weeks I would order some super cheap prints at Walgreens (I used a collage-making app so I could get 2 or 3 photos out of each 4x6 print), then I’d write captions on sticky notes on the back of the photos and mail them to my friends, grandma, family, and anyone else that had “signed up” for my mailing list.

One thing I loved about doing the updates this way was that it forced me to take pictures and create original content, instead of just sharing other posts on social media. And everyone loves getting letters in the mail!

3. I used the app “Day One” to keep a log of the things I had done. I love it that social media creates an archive of memories that you can look back on, so I wanted to keep that piece, without all the negative side effects of social media. Day One was perfect for that.

It lets you upload photos with captions, displays them in a grid, and even asks you journal prompts (or you can create your own questionnaires to answer each day!). They even offer an option to print out your posts and journal entries into a book at the end of the year.

Eventually at the end of that year I started a carpentry business and got back on social media to market the business. I think it was easier to cut social media out entirely than it was to try to balance using it for work with limiting personal social media use. I’m still working on that balance.

But if you’re thinking of getting off social media, I encourage you to do it! And sign me up for your USPS mailing list!

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