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Start Collecting Footage for Your Wedding Film Today

Want a zero-dollar way to make your wedding film SO much better?

Start capturing video now. Especially if you’re a 2025 bride – or even if you’re not engaged yet!

Video clips from your relationship, from any travelling you do, or any clips that show the changes of seasons (Fall, Christmas, Summer activities, etc.) are like gold to me. It tells your story, but it’s footage I don’t have access to when I’m only shooting with you for one weekend.

In your wedding film, we want to tell your love story, from start to finish! And while we’ll still dedicate the majority of your film to your actual wedding day footage, having a few seconds of old footage to add in will just make your film that much richer and more meaningful.

So here are a few pointers for collecting that footage!

1. I know it’s unpopular, but shoot horizontally. Even if you want to shoot vertically for TikTok or stories, just take a few seconds after you get the shot and turn the camera sideways to grab a quick horizontal shot.

2. Take videos in 3-5 second clips.

3. Add a little movement! You can push in, pan slowly from side to side, or just make sure you all are moving within the clip.

4. Zoom out and show details that give the clip context. (If it’s Christmas, show yourselves with the tree. If it’s Fall, make sure to get the colored leaves in the shot with you.) This will help show the passage of time and make your final film feel like more of a story that has a beginning, middle, and end!

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