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Personal Projects

I have a rare two-week window right now of absolutely no sessions, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to work on some personal projects.

One project that I'm really excited about is writing my dad's biography. I started interviewing both Mom and Dad in 2019, and have been working on gathering all of my content together.

I had forgotten - until I stumbled upon it today - that for years, Dad did contract work for the Sapulpa Daily Herald. So my entire morning was spent digging through archived copies of the Herald online, collecting a folder full of PDFs.

I found all kinds of things - from photos Dad had taken to articles he had written (which I didn't realize he did). I think my favorite is this aerial of the Murrah Building - which, again, I didn't know he had taken.

I'm excited to look through everything and get it compiled, along with my interviews and family photos, into a book. It kind of makes me feel like, even though he's gone, I'm getting to interact with him and learn new things about him.

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