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Options for Engagement Sessions

For engagement sessions I find it helps for couples to choose between one of these four options:

1. Sentimental Session - For this one, you all choose a location that is special to you as a couple. It could be where you went on your first date, a place you love to visit, or any other location that is meaningful to the two of you!

2. Adventure Session - On adventure sessions, you all choose an activity and I come along to photograph it! You could go to a county fair together, go hiking, do some fly fishing, or anything else that sounds adventurous and entertaining!

3. Studio Session - This one is just what it sounds like. :) We rent out a studio space for an hour and do your engagement session indoors, in beautiful lighting with clean, high-key backgrounds. Studio sessions are perfect if you’re doing your session in the winter, if you have multiple outfit changes, or if you just want a really clean, polished look.

4. Cozy Session - The fourth option is the cozy session. If you're happiest just having a night in and spending time together, we can do an in-home session, or just a quieter session at a favorite park. For cozy sessions we'll focus more on details, close-ups, and the connection you all have with each other.

Each couple is unique, and each engagement session should be too. Choosing an option that matches your personalities will help ensure you both feel comfortable and are genuinely having a good time during your session!

And if you're having trouble deciding, let me know and we can brainstorm together!

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