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My First Week of Being Self-Employed

I wrote this post a few days ago, at the end of my first week of self-employment, but had to go back and edit it. I found myself putting in too many disclaimers like, "I know all of these good things won't last forever" and "I know there's a downside that I'll run into somewhere". But I went back and took those phrases out, because they're symptoms of an old, limited set of beliefs.

The truth is that my experience so far (a week and a half now) has been one of the best weeks of my life. It's been all positive, no downside. All good, no bad. And I don't feel the need to put any disclaimer on that or try to belittle it.

In this short time I've been able to reconnect more deeply with close friends, get rest, cook healthy, prioritize exercise, go to dance class, meet my family for lunch in the middle of the week, devour three amazing personal growth books, catch up on Season One of Big Brother (I had never watched the show before), spend the day throwing axes with my family, work ON my business instead of just IN it, and experiment with my schedule to see what works best for the way I'm wired.

I think this shift has created so much more margin in my life, and I am already feeling the benefits of it, even after such a short time. Overall I just feel very healthy and very happy, and I'm very excited about everything to come.

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