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How to Get More Out of Your Wedding Timeline

Struggling with your wedding day timeline? There are a few things you can do to give yourself more time!

1. Strongly consider doing a first look. A first look allows all the bride/groom, family, and wedding party photos to be taken before the ceremony when everyone is still looking fresh!

It also means that after the ceremony, you’ll only need to do a few quick extended family shots, and then you can enjoy your reception.

2. Take advantage of relaxed time at your reception to sneak away for some sunset photos! We can look up exactly when magic hour will be in advance, and add a quick ten-minute sunset shoot with the bride and groom!

3. Combine photography and videography shoot times. In my opinion, it works best on a wedding day when the photographer and videographer are working hand-in-hand.

Instead of having to block off extra time and do the same poses twice, an experienced team can work together like clockwork, posing, taking photographs, getting a quick video of the shot, then moving on to the next pose!


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