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Five Day Photo Challenge: A Photo Every Day

A few months ago I started giving myself five-day challenges to do, just as mini experiments. I feel like five days is a manageable amount of time for me to try something new, and isn’t as overwhelming as a 30-day challenge (which is what I’ve tried in the past).

One of my challenges was to take my camera with me everywhere I went for five days. I completed it, and it was a lot easier than I had expected. The camera is pretty heavy and bulky, which is why I usually don’t take it with me anywhere unless I’m going on an actual shoot.

I eliminated some other unnecessary items from my bag though, and took the lens off the camera, so it would lay flat and be less bulky – and it was pretty effective! The bag wasn’t too heavy or cumbersome, and I was able to keep it with me everywhere I went.

One thing that did surprise me about the challenge though, was that I took almost no pictures. Having the camera with me didn’t automatically equate to getting it out and shooting more like I had thought it would.

And so, for my next five day challenge, starting today, I’m going to try to start taking a photo a day (in addition to always keeping my camera with me). Hopefully in five days I’ll be able to make a new post and show you what I’ve been doing!

If you need to be more intentional about taking photos in your life, feel free to do the challenge with me! I would love to see what everyone’s collection of five images ends up looking like!

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