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Capturing Genuine Photos

The next time you’re taking a picture of someone, try this!

Get the photo you want, of everyone looking at the camera, smiling, but then ask them to do one of these things:

1. “Look at __(one of the people)__ and tell them one thing you like about their face”

2. “Look at anything besides the camera”

3. “Look out the window and think of your hopes and dreams” (on this one you’ll probably get a corny smile at first, but then a genuine laugh)

All of these prompts will get you more candid, natural-looking photographs – which are my favorite!

Unposed photos have more of a storytelling element, and when you look at them years from now, it will help you feel more like you’re there, in the moment with the people, and less like you’re looking back at a photograph.

Try it out sometime today! 🥳

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