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The FOMO Edit 🥂✨

The FOMO Edit 🥂✨


Have a Fear Of Missing Out on all of the many little moments through out your wedding day? We're happy to offer our best-selling FOMO edit! 


The FOMO Edit is essentially a 2-3 hour video - (depending on the amount of footage) of everything we shot that day! In other words - a glorified home video edit of your special day. 🤗


We drag all of the footage we shot from the entire day, and place it in our editing timeline chronologically, and deliver it to you. We'll remove out of focus, shaky, and duplicated shots. Film will not be colored (fine-tuned for brightness/contrast, color temperature, etc.), and will not include background music.





Your FOMO Edit will be completed and uploaded within two weeks of placing your order!


All files will be delivered via a Dropbox link. In the case of excessviely large files (our longest FOMO Edit to date was 13 hours long!), the day will be split into "Chapters" and you will receive multiple files (usually 2-3 max) to make them more manageagle file sizes.


The files will be hosted on Dropbox for six months, giving you plenty of time to download and save them forever!

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