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Summer Wedding at Sorelle

This Saturday was one of my favorite weddings of the whole year!

Sometimes you get a venue that has tons of gorgeous natural light and is just perfectly optimized for wedding photography, and that's what Sorelle was. 😍

And it didn't hurt that we had the sweetest, most photogenic couple either!

The bridal suite was gorgeous, and the hair and makeup team - The Beauty Lounge by Haley did an incredible job. They were so sweet, and they had Brenna ready and looking beautiful right on schedule!

Brenna and Garrett decided to do a first touch and read letters they had written to each other.

Then one of Garrett's groomsmen decided he needed to do a first touch too. 😂

The back porch gave us so much beautiful, clean, open shade to take bridal party portraits in.

A friend of the family, Janet Herron, served as the day of coordinator. She did such a good job, and was wonderful to work with. She even joined everyone on the dance floor!

The ceremony was simple and beautiful.

My favorite part of the day though, were the sunset photos with Brenna and Garrett!

We pulled them aside just as the dance floor opened for a few quick minutes of shooting in beautiful golden hour light.

I could have stayed out there shooting for another hour - every place we went at Sorelle was glowing with gorgeous sunset lighting. 😍

One of my favorite things about the layout of Sorelle is how close everything is. Located just a few steps away from the building is a pond, a field, a courtyard, and a beautiful wooded trail!

I loved it that I could take the couple to shoot in all of the locations without having to use a golf cart or wear them out from walking so far.

We were able to get the sunset photos knocked out in about 5 - 10 minutes, and get Brenna and Garrett back to the dance floor!

The highlight of the dance floor was definitely Brenna's niece, Alice. 😂

She was the first one out there and the last one to leave. 🤗

Brenna's exit may have been my favorite so far. The Ansells have a family tradition going back several generations, of the groom wheeling the bride out in a wheelbarrow!

So Brenna had her wheelbarrow ready to go, decorated with pillows and flowers. She added some sparklers, and had such a fun, unique exit!

I can't wait to get the rest of this gallery edited and shared. I'm obsessed with every photo. This was such a perfect day! 😍

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