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My Favorite Things I've Seen in Weddings this Year

Updated: Jan 24

We have officially made it through the holidays and engagement season, which means Wedding Planning Season is in full swing! For all of the newly engaged couples out there making plans right now, I wanted to share a few of the very best things I saw at weddings this past year!

1. Individualized thank you notes and photos at each place setting

I have no idea how long this must have taken, but Tahrem and Anil went through their entire guest list, and wrote a personalized note to each person, pairing it with a picture of them together.🥹

2. Wise Words with Women

I love this idea! Our bride, Rebekah, scheduled time on her wedding day for “Wise Words with Women”, where she gathered a few of the most influential women in her life to ask their advice on marriage.

But before she did that, she went around to each woman and told her how grateful she was for that person and how much impact she had made on Rebekah’s life - starting with her mom and ending with her new mother-in-law. 🥹 It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things I’ve seen all year.

3. The Bride taking Polaroids of each guest for the guest book

While this concept may not work well at larger weddings, it was absolutely perfect for Caitlin and Rashid’s intimate family ceremony and reception. 🤗

Caitlin went around to each table and took individual Polaroids of everyone there, for the guest book. It gave her a chance to make her rounds, visit with everyone, and thank them for coming as they shared a meal, then desserts and coffee. ☕☕☕

And now Caitlin and Rashid have a super cute Polaroid album full of their very favorite people!

4. Indoor Confetti Exits

I love this idea for a couple of reasons. Number one - it’s beautiful. 😍 Paper confetti flutters and seems to hover in the air for so long - especially if people are staggering when they toss it.

The second reason I love it though, is because clean up is a breeze!

Since Chris and Taylor did their exit inside the venue, none of the confetti blew away, and it was super quick to sweep up afterwards!

Venues - rightfully so - have some pretty strict guidelines on what is and isn’t allowed for exits (ex: flower petals can get crushed and stain the concrete, sparklers come with a whole set of potential hazards, lol). So an indoor confetti exit is a fun, beautiful option!

What creative ideas have you seen at weddings recently? 🥂✨

Venues: The Montellano Event Center, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, New Life Ranch: Flint Valley, and Stitch Cafe - Downtown OKC

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