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Ingredients for the Perfect Maid of Honor/Best Man Speech

Some wedding speeches are just pure gold. I love finding them, like treasures, as I sift through footage after a wedding. I thought I would share some things that make me so happy, as a wedding videographer and editor.

1. Write your speech in advance. There will be a lot going on wedding week, so get it knocked out as soon as possible. It’ll so much less stressful on you, and having it completed in advance means you’ll be able to relax and just enjoy a fun day with your best friends!

2. Share a story! Maybe you want to talk about the first time you met the bride and what your initial thoughts were, tell a story from your childhood when the groom swore to you he would never get married, or share the initial conversations the bride had with you when the couple started dating.

All of these make incredible sound bites and have a 99% chance of making it into the final edit.

The more you can tell a story, the better! People love a good story.

3. Speak directly into the microphone. This is a pretty basic tip, but it makes a huge difference in audio quality - both for the audience and for us editing the final wedding film.

4. Pause and take a breath in between sentences. Give your words a moment to land, and give the audience time to register what you've said.

There have been so many times that I was unable to use a good soundbite because the speaker ran their words together and I couldn't find a clear breaking point during the edit. Speak your words slowly and clearly, and I will love you forever. and so will the couple!

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