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Camera Overwhelm

I think I have camera overwhelm. I have SO many fun cameras that I love to use, and when I go on a trip I take all of them, then I'm so overwhelmed and can't choose, and I don't end up using any.

I don't know if that's a problem anyone else has or not, lol, but I have an idea!

I'm going to start assigning one camera/lens combo to each week, and try to take it with me everywhere I go and use it.

For Week One I'm going to use my Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera. 😎 Next week will probably be our new Canon Vixia Camcorder. After that I may get real crazy and try film. 😛

Do you have any old cameras in the closet you've been dying to try?? Dig one out, dust it off, use Google to figure out how to use it lol, and have fun! I would love to see the images you capture!

Also - side note - I love how this couple incorporated old cameras into their wedding reception! They had a smaller ceremony at The Stitch Cafe in downtown OKC. Afterwards, the bride went from table to table, taking a Polaroid of each guest! It made such a cute guestbook, and gave the bride a chance to go around and meet everyone!

Vendor Team

Venue: Stitch Cafe

Florist: Plant Shoppe

Cake: Brianne’s Bakehouse

Prep: 21C Hotel

Dress: Cocomelody

Hair & Makeup: Brushed OKC

Shoes: Pelino Sandals

Coordinator: Ally Nash Schreck

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