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Anna and Samantha

This weekend I got the chance to hang out with Samantha and Anna at the Alex Rose Photography Studio in Edmond. We loved the studio so much! They had so many great areas for shooting, and they had the best wardrobe of beautiful clothes for mothers and babies! It was super clean and organized, and it made it so easy to just go in, pick a few beautiful things, and start shooting.

Samantha and Dustin had found out just a couple days before the shoot that they’re having a baby girl! So we grabbed some maternity shots on the pink background. It was perfect timing, because there was plenty of pink in the studio already for Valentine’s Day sessions.

My favorite place to shoot though was the big bed at the front of the studio. There was plenty of natural light pouring in from the floor to ceiling windows in that area.

I’m super excited to be back in the studio shooting again for the next two Sundays! If you haven’t had family photos in a while, hit me up! You can check availability here!

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